Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Fabulous Shop Way

Hello blog readers. Okay in this way I will tell you about my own online shop
A little online shop begin on Blackberry Messager 
I start it about two years ago. Still young exactly

A month ago, I thought very seriously about this online shop
I think I've lovin so much with bussiness
so, my heart said "Go with ur own brand" hmmm
I know it was not easy as I think, but I still tried

For the first step, I make my own Logo and Label for my online shop
This is it
This logo was made by Sheila Nurul Agusta , a young Designer Multimedia
I love it so much. Thank youuuu :*

Fabulous Shop is a universal label of fashion. but the owner (me) is prefer to display the most unique thing about Indian and Galaxy. It was so attractive.
You can see our collections on @bemore_fabulous
and contact us on

We plan to give sticker for minimum payment IDR 100.000
The sticker was like this
You like it ? So dont forget to see our timeline
Go follow now!

Febriana Dian


  1. you have a online store ? :D
    okay then i'll check it out ♥

  2. what's the name of your on shop?:D
    anyway checkout mine if you've a chance dear thankyou:)

    1. Fabulous Shop dear
      Check @bemore_fabulous

  3. ive followed u back! goodluck on your shop dear, the logo is very awesome ;D

  4. Oh lovely Logo.. Looks beautiful :)
    Thanks for following me and for your lovely comment on my blog :) Ofcourse I'd follow you :)

    New post is up <3

    Enter Blog Contest. The prize would be a Forever 21 necklace :) and

    Facebook Contest: The prize would be a Forever 21 set of 5 rings :)

  5. Love the logo, its so pretty!

    Carmen Ri.

  6. Thank you
    you guys so rock and beauty!

  7. What a nice logo! Congratulations on moving your business along.

  8. that is one beautiful logo
    I can't wait to see your collection!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  9. omg !!! cute logo, have you galaxy print and native? woooow i should see your colection.

    ps : are you have warbonnet too?

  10. wow that is such an amazing illustration! xx

  11. good luck for your store.. ^^
    and btw, i've followed u back..
    I have opened an online shop too called Beau-Shop
    We sell import accessories and clothes with cheap price.. Check it out!