Thursday, July 5, 2012

Street Wear Fashion Show

Fashion was so inspired many people. Last Sunday, Bali Fashion Blogger just held mini fashion show in a Italian Restaurant on Denpasar. This is one of pre-event Bali Fashion Festival 2012
The theme of the fashion show is " Street Wear "
This followed by 7 Breakthrough Local Brands from Bali

My Fabulous Shop also follow that. These are the picture when my model wearing our lovely collection :)

She is wearing 
Bemore Fabulous's Green Ethnic Crop - Model's Hotpants - Bemore Fabulous's Neon Boat - 
Bemore Fabulous's Vintage Coat

 She is wearing 
Bemore Fabulous's Vintage Tank White - Bemore Fabulous's Lace Skirt Shocking pink

This one from UB-Vintage. I also love the Neon Blazer.

I'm wearing Bemore Fabulous's arm ripped cream :)

That was so lovely day. The fashion show until midnite. Make up and Wardrobe by Bemore Fabulous

Friday, May 25, 2012

Weekend is coming
On last posting, I've tell you that I had a photosession with Radar Bali. A local newspaper from Bali.
Yea, I had finish that. The photosession take in SMA N 7 Denpasar, that my school
We have a holiday concept, maybe it so simple photoshoot, but it nice.

That is my picture, from left to right, Isna, Cindy, Me, Laksmi
I'm wearing a full print ethnic green dress and unbranded wedges.

Thanks to Youth Share, a youth journal community behind Radar Bali Label. Catch them on @YouthShare

So just that I wanna share to you this day, and next week I will so busy because I have a semester exam
Hope I can pass that successfully. pray for me guys.
Love, Dian

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A day with big smile

Holla guys, I'm back
yea, I'm little busy in this week, so many job and activity that I took
And also preparte for exam about two weeks again, hope it will be success

Now I'll share to you about my photosession with HANNYQUEEN SHOP
That shop was created by Kak Hanny (member of BFB)
and last week, she ask me to be a model for her new arrival
It located in Veranda Cafe

 I dont know why, in this several month, my activity had full with job as a model
Officially, I'm not good enough to act and pose
I love photograph, but I know my talent.
In this day, I have a photosession with Radar Bali (a newspaper from Bali)
Yaa, if this is the way for me, wish Allah always make it well

picture 1&4 :  Charlota Skirt IDR 125.000
picture 2 : Infinite Top IDR 85.000
picture 3 : Olive Top IDR 65.000

Facebook : HannyQueen Shop
Twitter : @HANNYQ89

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sweet and Simple

Just wanna share some photos that I found on weheartit. Yeah, I love these sweet and simple photograph.
I love the dress, I love the make up, and also I love the athmosphere on there
With many flowers, lace, pastel and so feminime.

source :

Monday, April 9, 2012

Batik Indonesia, they're mine

About a week ago, I had photosesion with Bali Fashion Blogger (BFB)
we wear Batik Indonesia, we look so beautifull and handsome on that day
for the picture, will be posting soon.
And now, I will posting a photograph by my friend

DCLS photography

She's still on senior hi-school same with me
these are picture by her 

-black one shoulder, old belt, Mom's DIY Batik Skirt, Gold Necklace, ChickHorse set bangles, the little things she need wedges-

After Batik season have done. We continued that with other outfit. Everyone wear their favourit outfit. Their outfit means what genre of fashion that they follow.
So, do you think, what genre of my fashion ? hihi

-randomism simple tribal top, panglook papaya skirt, old necklace, the little things she need wedges-

So what do you think about this photosesion ?
If you are interest, you can get DCLS as ur photographer (Only for Bali)
She's nice person. Get ur beauty picture with a cheap fee! :)
Catch her on Blog or Twitter