Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hi !

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Hi ! Oh yeah, finally I can reach my blog again after a long long time yaa. so how r u guys ?
yea recently I have many duties and activities. I was so busy I tought.
maybe many people think that a Senior Hi-School-student like me was have many free time for hang out, shopping or adventure.
but it doesn't on me. I have some free times but I take another activities, so how can I have a holiday.

By the way, it almost five months I can't touchdown my blog ya bhwehehe
so many event that I pass away without any posting in here
from New Year Eve till my birthday last February
for some news : I'm officially 17th now! wohoo (I will posting my birthday party :D)

Well, now I want tell you about my activities on several months.
In school, I was member of Journalistik. and on these ways, my Journalistik was so busy to joined some competition. and when I wrote this post, I just finished my wall-magazine competition in Astra Honda Bali for DBL event.
You know DBL ?
I think half part province in Indonesia know DBL, teenagers especially.
that was a big favorite event for Basketball and Cheerledance
it held one a week in Gor Purna Krida, Kerobokan Bali
but not only that but also photographer competition, and wall-magazine competition for adding.
Now I think this is the last competition for my Journalistic Group. bcs we will focus for make a bazzar to prepare our year magazine. Wish it will be easy :)

and I love my life now. I have join Bali Fashion Bloggers. it was new, and it was Kak Dewi 's idea for make that.
we are some of people that interest in fashion, writing, talking, gossip, and shopping on blog or tumblr.
We just make a big project yah! I'm so excited. even I'm the younger on that group but I try to flow like the other with my slow responses *hik
yeah please pray for our big project. hope it will happen and grubuaaaaak many teens in Bali

and also for the last, my online business was always make me busy -___-
yah I do love my online shop, I love when I look some girls was beautiful with stuff that bought on me.

Okay next waiting for my post about gatherin BFB, my birthday party, until my photosesion bhahaha lol

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