Saturday, March 10, 2012

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As I promise on last posting, I will post my gathering BFB
For two times we met, we always take place in Popo Danes (Veranda Art Cafe) oh Hayam Wuruk street.
It has a culture design interior with Italian food in cheap price.
You must visit there if you can

Okay, this is the picture when we first meet

source :

because I dont bring my camera on that time, so I take a picture from Kak Dias blog hihi :p
Let me introduce you.
left to the right Kak Dias Me Kak Vira Kak Dewi Kak Hanny
honestly, on that time were Kak Ayu, but she had gone before we take a picture
Well on that time, I wear simple cloth because I have a course after that hewhehe

vintage blouse blooming, zara skin black jeans, Little Treasures bangles, Ana's shoes

And this is the second time we met, still ats Veranda Art Cafe
Oh yeaahhh we have new friend now, Kak Yonas the handsome one from us! wkiki :D
on this picture Kak Vira had to go first and Kak Dias can't attend this meeting
but it was so fun!
Tomorrow we have a meeting plan, and tomorrow will be a busy day for me fuuhhh

an owl grey fringe shirt, unbranded red skirt, necklace from Pasir putih, Wooden roso Little Treasure, a black wedges by The little things she need

Be aware for my next posting about our meeting. I promise will stay tune on my blog from now! :D

pst : I have plan for holiday with my family on next week, please pray for it happen. bcs, it was three times my dad refuse our plan holiday bcs his work argh -_- if it happen, we will go to the Malang, my future hometown!


  1. Diaaan ! You unright spelling my name hahaha. Btw, i already follow your blog. It's great, and thank you for tag me :)

  2. Yatuhaaaaann, I'm so sorry kaak -____- I dont mind to do that

    1. it's ok Dian, never mind. and btw, i like ur fringe tee so much :)