Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm back with my new face :)

hello bloggers !! I'm back :D so so sorry, if I was lost from blog world for a while..
oke so many stories that I wanna share to you..

First, I was so glad on my report this year, my score is better and I got rank 8th with science class, whatta thankful to Allah as my Lord :')
*pst, its make my mom so proud of me

Second, don't you look some different with my hair ? yess! I've been cut off my hair.. its getting shorter than before..

Now, I'm in a long loooong holiday, until I don't know what to do..
 but, yesterday, I just arrived in Bali from my little holiday in Surabaya..
I just have 5 days in Java for shopping and refresh my mind..
Not just in Surabaya I have holiday.. I went to Bromo Mountain and Pasir Putih Beach too..
waaa!! you know, when I arrived in Bromo, my eyes was getting bigger and aww! *speechlees* its so beautiful! amazing!and of course I was taking photo in there
*check on next posting yaaa*
next on Pasir Putih Beach, *again* I'm so proud of my Lord, the view is sooo aww!!
yah that was a little story from me :D
have a nice long holiday yaaaa bloggers :)
Love, Dian


  1. Your hair looks great! i want to go to Java, so jealous. hope you're having a great week.

    XX KARTIKA from Sydney

  2. waw! thanks dearr ;)
    someday, you must visit there

    Dian :)