Saturday, April 16, 2011

SPA spicy ?

Hello blogger, good afternoon all 
how's your Saturday ? is it nice ?
I want to tell you how's my day today
begin at school, today my school was didn't like ussual
we just studying until 10.a.m because my school prepared for Ujian Nasional that held on Monday

So, we went to Puputan Bali for class photoshoot, you know my lovely teacher (Wali Kelas) have birthday on next Monday, and we planned to give surprise to her
and so many things that have been prepared by us

and after I arrived at home just now, my mom asked me to have SPA and her room ?
heh? what's on your mind mom ? SPA on your room ? is that a joking hah?
and you know, my mom and I were had a SPA ala mom's room, SPA spicy HAHA
we were masked up mask on our face, our eyes closed by cucumber, beside us there is a cup off tea, and we can smell aroma therapy around us huwauuuu <3<3

and we have planning for tonight, we want to going Mogi-mogi boutique, because my mom want to buy some rings in there, and we want to going some boutique other for accompany my brother to hunting a hat ( hm, hat ? or cap ?)
Now, my mind is so full with sponsor and duties school
next week I have holiday, but so many school duties, oh fckn holiday -_-
Bye all, make your day and your life to be your heaven
don't forget to trying something unusual even many people didn't like that, on thing that you must to know,
That know all about your self, is YOU so don't be afraid for some people that judge you for worse :')

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