Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Splash on the last day of June

Today is the last day of June, yah June 30th
Simplify, this month has give me some knowledge and education about all things
about love, friendship, and live

I wish that all make me be better person in the future
Oh ya, recently, I always posting my photos in several tourism place in Bali
Yah, that because, my family from Java had holiday in here, so I accompanied them to these place

So we took some photos, and that make we happy
you know ? my brother has new job and hobby now, he likes to be photographer
and I don't know why, the picture by him was not bad :D
So my mom give support and advice to him to be a photographer
and she promise will bought new camera for my brother soon :D

My brother was very very glad,
and me ? I was a *guinea pigs* of his model 
Yea he always ask me to act and pose like a good model *i know i have worst body and not good to be model*
I feel mad, but sometime i feel glad when i saw my picture is good haha -___-v
My mom and my brother give a name to me, "Godel" not "Model"

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